Friday, September 23, 2005

Peaceful Islam And Nurcholish Madjid


Reportedly, the CIA has promoted Islamic extremism and Christian extremism as a way of controlling people and promoting a fascist agenda. Many Moslem and Christian extremists appear to be tools of the security services.

In Indonesia, most Moslems are humble, compassionate and moderate. One of the most famous moderates was Nurcholish Madjid.

At, on 7 September 2005, Dr Greg Barton, Associate Professor in Politics at Deakin University in Melbourne, wrote about Nurcholish Madjid and peaceful Islam.

Nurcholish Madjid (1939-2005) was trained in a madrasah. He was a typical Indonesian moderate who combined knowledge of Sufi mysticism with knowledge of the Koran (Qu'ran)

According to Barton, he believed that godlines 'comes from inner transformation not from external force or imposition of law.'

'Nurcholish rejected as profoundly mistaken the conviction of modern Islamists that Islamist parties, and the imposition of Shari'a via state legislation, hold the key to achieving societies and states that are more truly Islamic.

'Instead he argued for, and put into practice, the power of education to transform the individual, and through them the world around them...

'Central to his understanding of education... is the role of dialogue and open exchange...

'It is progressive Islamic intellectuals such as Nurcholish Madjid who have been persuading many, directly and indirectly, towards a very different, less materialistic, less political and wholly more peaceful understanding of how faith can change the world.

'The growth of such thinking is key to the health of Muslim communities everywhere, not just in Muslim-majority nations but also in London and Paris, Detroit and Leeds, Melbourne and Sydney.'



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