Wednesday, October 05, 2005

American and Javanese empires

The following appeared at rumormillnews:

Posted by tenavision, 4 October 2005.

In 1949 against Dutch and Javanese objections the United Nations forced a weak Federation called the "United States of Indonesia" upon the people and nations from Sumatra in Asia to the Moluccas Islands in the Australian Arafura Sea.

What the people at the United Nations may not have known was that the Rockefeller companies had been exploring this region for unexploited resources for decades, that both Dutch administration and any local government of these countries would prevent the huge profits which Standard Oil, Exxon, Bechtel, Conoco Phillips, Freeport, and other corporations had been dreaming of.

Any method by which the Dutch could be removed and replaced by a more brutal colonial power would benefit these corporations; and so among the 16 Federated States was a military Republic ruled by Sukarno. Within 8 months Sukarno had invaded or otherwise absorbed all sixteen States into his Republic.

For sixty years Indonesia was home to pro-Jihad schools, to a military that believed in its racial and religious superiority, and a class of RADICAL ISLAMIC CLERICS who were forged during the Pacific war to teach contempt of the Americans and their western beliefs...

As long as Americans did not know, everyone was happy.

The Indonesians had been killing tens of thousands of Christians in the Australian Arafura Sea since 1999 and no American ever objected; they had been killing Papuans since 1966 to clear the mine sites for Freeport and no Americans ever objected. Almost no Americans, because almost no Americans knew about it.

Then on the 11th September 2001, another 3,000 people were killed...

The US 'War Against Terror' could not be allowed to destroy the mining licenses of Freeport or Exxon or Conoco Phillips or the engineering service contracts with Bechtel...

And when the US Congress majority wrote Section 1115, somehow the Bush family had to make sure the US public did not find out about it...

Americans SHOULD care about West Papua and Section 1115, about the 60 years of media control to whitewash the news from South-East Asia & Australia so that no-one in the public US government knew what American corporations were doing.



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