Thursday, October 27, 2005

Australia grabbing East Timor's oil

Australia will lose any good will it generated in 1999 if it cheats East Timor out of tens of billions of dollars of petroleum revenue.

Extract from WSWS article by John Roberts 30 April 2004:

At the latest border talks between East Timor and Australia held in Dili on April 19-22, Canberra reaffirmed its determination to flout international law and keep control of the lion’s share of the oil and gas reserves in the Timor Sea. Ignoring growing protests in East Timor and internationally, Australian representatives made no concessions to the demands of the East Timorese leadership for a greater share of the resources.

The Howard government’s arrogant and bullying stance once again underscores the fact that its military intervention into East Timor in 1999 had nothing to do with concerns about the welfare of the local population or the violent attacks of pro-Jakarta militias. Its aim was to lay the basis for pursuing the long-held policy of securing control of the Timor Gap and its energy resources...



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