Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Indonesian military continues to run businesses

The Indonesian military is mentioned in the latest Report on the Observance of the Code of Good Practices on Fiscal Transparency from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ( Business as usual in Indonesia despite the fall of Soeharto 27 November 2006)

"The Indonesian Military (TNI ) and National Police are continuing their old practice of using cooperatives and foundations to raise money from the public.

"These remain off-budget.

"Unfortunately such practices can also be found at other ministries and state agencies.

"In the TNI's case, these practices violate a 2004 law stating that all TNI business must be transferred to the government.

"This is only one of the appropriate laws and regulations that has not been implemented."


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


'I recall my meeting with John Perkins two years ago in New York. He reminisced about his life as an "economic hit man," beginning right here in Indonesia. Using "money, sex and alcohol," he convinced Indonesian officials and businessmen to accept large, unnecessary loans that could never be repaid.'
just ten hours.

Media controlled by the security services?

MI6 supported fundamentalist Moslems as part of its plan to topple Sukarno.

'The role of the United Kingdom's Foreign Office and MI6 intelligence service has come to light, in a series of exposés by Paul Lashmar and Oliver James in The Independent newspaper beginning in 1997. These revelations have also come to light in journals on military and intelligence history. The revelations included an anonymous Foreign Office source stating that the decision to unseat President Sukarno was made by Prime Minister Harold MacMillan and then executed under Prime Minister Harold Wilson.' Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

'Cabinet documents... were uncovered by David Easter, a historian at the London School of Economics. His research - which is published ... in the journal Intelligence and National Security - shows that the cabinet's defence and overseas policy committee asked the head of MI6, Dick White, to draw up plans for covert operations against Indonesia in January 1964.' MI6 spread lies to put killer in power Independent, The (London ...

According to Dr Easter, these operations began in the spring of 1964 and included supplying arms to fundamentalist Moslem separatists in the Indonesian provinces of Aceh and Sulawesi.

Fires leave Indonesia's neighbours fuming

Thick haze smothers parts of Indonesia

Forest fires result from government failure in Indonesia

Haze distresses orangutans in Indonesian reserve

Indonesian court acquits pilot of murdering human rights activist

Conviction Overturned in Murder of Indonesian Human Rights Leader ...

Komodo dragon, Orang Utan...


A.C. Manulang, the former head of the State Intelligence Coordinating Board in Indonesia stated that Bali Bomb mastermind al-Farouk recruited Moslems for the CIA (Tempo Interactive.) “When Al Faruq finished his assignments, the CIA created a scenario that he had been arrested,” Manulang explained in September, 2002. Manulang believes al-Farouk recruited people from Islamic groups to commit several bombings and attempt to assassinate Megawati Sukarnoputri, the former president of Indonesia. CIA Mole Killed in Basra

FLASHBACK: Omar Al-Faruq Recruited by The CIA

Indonesia growth may reach 10 percent


The London Plot - Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark

Nobel winner supported biological warfare as form of population control

Protests held across Indonesia against Israeli military action

Indonesia not to participate in multinational force for Lebanon

President is losing his magic

Indonesia's government loses favour because disasters are 'spirit ...

Weapons for fake terror?

Former Police Chief To Be Summoned Over Bank Swindle

Inside Indonesia's War on Terror



Playboy and terrorists with military links

Indonesia's Bashir says extremists misguided fighters

Some blogs:
Jakarta Kid
Tiara Lestari

Michelle Leslie sheds no light on Bakrie involvement

Jogjakarta earthquake

looters raided aid convoys

Others blocked traffic

Timor Oil

Australia, Timor and oil: the record

The looting of East Timor's Serious Crimes Unit

Australia continues its unrelenting campaign for "regime change" in East Timor

Consider that Timor Leste has oil. The rights to exploit the oil were initially carved up by Suharto and Australia. Now there are ongoing efforts to provide Timor Leste with a more equitable share of its wealth. Consider too that the looters have stolen between 12% and 15% of the criminal archive including (or especially?) files related to Indonesia's bloody withdrawal from East Timor, after (the) 1999 referendum and, in particular, to Gen. Wiranto, Suharto's last army chief.

Is there a US plot to control East Timor?

“It’s worth remembering that in 1920, Australian strategic planners were worried about Japan trying to get its hands on the rumoured oil resources of Portuguese Timor, but in 1975 there were fears that China would manipulate a leftish independent Timor for territorial advantage.”
Why Australia wants "regime change" in East Timor

One-tenth of the Filipino population was wiped out in the first US exercise in counter-insurgency in Asia.
The Philippines - a US colony - CIA links


Jogjakarta earthquake, 'Indonesia's Gestapo', and the allegedly corrupt Red Cross.

This morning I was awoken by mother nature, a big earthquake shakes Jogjakarta at 05.55 in the morning.

Who is stirring things up in oil-rich East Timor?

Indonesia Bird-Flu Victim Sought Witch Doctor, Shunned Hospital...To help instill confidence in the community, the district leader himself cut off the head of a chicken and had it cooked to prove that the poultry was safe to eat. Dozens of poultry farmers and sellers from Ginting's district slaughtered chickens and drank the blood in Medan on May 22 in a demonstration of their frustration at being branded by the authorities as having been infected with avian flu.

A porn law would ban what is described as "porno action", such as displaying the navel or acts such as kissing in public. Both will be punishable by five years in prison or a 250 million rupiah fine.

Fall of Suharto
May 98 archive.

Indonesia's economic reform tightrope -

Gunboat diplomacy: Australian warships deploy to East Timor

Saudi Arabia ranks No. 2 for searches for "gay sex," behind the Philippines. Pakistanis lead the rankings for "sex" What do people search for on Google?

Godfather Of Corruption Suharto Stays Above The Law

Government organised riots.
"I saw all these idle people wearing civilian clothes in army trucks and hanging around on the highway. I had no idea who or what they were (they were the government’s planned rioters)... All hell broke loose on May 14, around 8 or 9 o’clock with govenment rioters raking people out of cars and torching and killing."

Fake terror
The American Defence Secretary, William Cohen, was here in Jakarta back in January and he visited both Prabowo and Wiranto. The CIA chief was also in Jakarta fairly recently. The CIA and the Pentagon are close to both Prabowo and Wiranto, but it’s not clear who is their favourite... A teenager reported he had been trained as a protester with thousands of others in places such as Cilangkap, Bekasi, and Bogor; a witness described how empty trucks were going around recruiting youths with the promise of 20,000 rupiahs if they would join the mobs; a street child alleged that Kopassus officers gave him money and ordered him and four friends to become rioters; one report spoke of youthful soldiers being dressed up as high-school students and university students and then taking part in rioting; eyewitnesses spoke of muscular men with short haircuts arriving in military-style trucks and directing attacks on Chinese homes and businesses; there were reports of children being encouraged to enter malls and then of the malls being set on fire; there were allegations that muscular men with short haircuts had gang-raped little Chinese girls and then murdered some of them.
Jakarta Kid

Jakarta riots May 1998

"We're looking for keen campaigners, people who will spread the word, write articles, blogs, letters. It really is a critical time for the orangutan, and the millions of people who's livlihood is threatened by the total land clearance brought about by plantation development, have a look at our photo albums to see some of the extent of the damage."

Private affluence and public squalor

an online petition for sending to the China Olympic Committee.

Ape rights movement questions barrier between man and animal

China and Indonesia do deal on Borneo

Australias Wheat for Weapons scandal - a bomb due to go off

In The Time of Madness

The Drugs business in Indonesia.

Sex, Thais, Bonobos...Foreplay is more important in Austria than in Japan

Worst health service? High maternal mortality rate?

The corruption-infested public procurement system

Use of police infiltrators raises fresh questions about "terrorist" raids in Australia

aangirfan: Arrest of alleged terrorists in Australia

Massive fraud hits tsunami aid

Playboy inflames protesters

Poverty :

Australian kickback inquiry takes toll

A major health problem that we should get rid of.

Indonesia Set to Execute Three Christian Militants

America's priorities.

police officers thought she was a prostitute
Tame Playboy sparks excitement in Muslim Indonesia
readily available

boost Indonesia's tourism revenues

Bangbang, terror and massive poverty

Share prices
Asia: Jakarta stands out in Asia

New Generation of Headhunters

Indonesia evaluating Freeport contract -Kalla

Tony Blair and Bangbang

Indonesia Govt May Review Freeport Contract Pending Audit

Miner Freeport hit by double-whammy in Indonesia

Senior Chinese leader Jia Qinglin arrives in Indonesia for ...

Corruption concerns stop Aceh aid

Indonesian porn law update

Indonesia turns more fascist? Porn bill will kill tourism to Indonesia?
INDONESIA: Cleric, legislator say porn bill needs more ...

The International Labor Rights Fund filed a lawsuit in 2001 on behalf of 11 villagers who said Exxon‘s Indonesian subsidiary allowed its facilities to be used by soldiers to torture locals and to commit other human rights abuses. Exxon: Torture Suit May Set Bad Precedent

JAKARTA (AFX) - The government has named ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Inc as operator of the giant Cepu block under a joint operation agreement with state oil and gas company PT Pertamina, a source close to the talks said. Indonesia names ExxonMobil operator of Cepu oil block - source

The Indonesian authorities are faced with the unenviable task of fighting inflation in a slowing economy. Commentary: Indonesia needs investment to head off stagflation


Mexico and Indonesia 'will overtake British economy'

Bali and porn laws
It means that the display of pretima (sacred effigy), such as Lingga Yoni, is not covered by the exemption. It means that the display of a bare-breasted statue of Goddess Durgha inside a temple would still be considered by the bill as a crime...

US mining giant faces nationwide protests in Indonesia

Oil Palm Threatens Indonesia's Rainforests and Orangutans

What happened since the CIA toppled Suharto and the military consolidated its grip on power.,,1714658,00.html

Who owns the leading household brands?

The CIA/Pentagon has strong links to the 'corrupt' Indonesian military. Does the CIA/Pentagon have links to the increasingly powerful Prosperous Justice Party, an Islamist party that opposes corruption?

Islamofascists? Updated

The explanation for the Cartoon riots and the earlier riots in Paris
Russian MP Says US To Attack Iran Late March

Flemming Rose and the Straussian Art of Provocation

Moslems unwittingly help their enemies

General Frank Kitson: Trail Blazing Fake Terrorism

Clash of civilisations - manipulation by the media.

'Mr President, I just want you to know that over here I've got a couple of hundred million dollars for you and your family if you cooperate with your Uncle Sam and our oil companies. And over here I have a man with a gun in his hand and a bullet with your name on it.',,1695280,00.html

Murder of Americans. 'Three men in Indonesian military uniforms were firing at the vehicles.'
Indonesian police detain eight Papuans over Freeport murders
INFA Indische Fotosite
Indische foto's KITLV
Indische foto's '47-'50
Foto-album: Rob Bouwman
Foto-album: Wieteke van Dort
Semarang in foto's
Indische familiefoto's
Schoolfoto's Ned. Nieuw Guinea
PioniersfotografieDie ene foto...
Historische kaarten

Bird flu?
Over 1,000 people die of dengue fever in Indonesia in 2005

Number of motor vehicles grows 22 pct in Indonesia

Rival police, military units clash in Indonesia's central province

Soros denies being behind the 1998 Asian economic crisis.

Indonesian military admits being paid by US mining firm

Suharto's Fall

The murder of Munir on a Garuda flight; gossip refuses to die

Australian ABC falls into line on Bali bombing; reporter Sally Neighbour promotes the allegations of the CIA

Sally Neighbour and the CIA's alleged lies about the Bali Bomb

Most Indonesian Moslems are kindly tolerant people. Volunteers from the largest Moslem organization in the country will guard Christian churches during the Christmas season. However, there are a few people trying to stir up trouble.

At least 55 die of hunger in Papua, Indonesia

The use of the Muslim Brotherhood by MI6 and the CIA in Egypt, Syria and Iran

The Justice Party - links to the Moslem Brotherhood and the CIA?

Freeport-McMoran, BP, West Papua, the Indonesian military

Indonesia deploys British arms against protesters

Leslie hunts woman behind the drugs,10117,17312486-31317,00.html

Bali Drug Suspect Leslie was with Bakrie's Son (SMH)

High inflation follows Indonesian president's fuel price hike

Government plots involving double agents? Terror in Jordan and Australia.

Schoolgirls beheaded by ninjas - Updated

Bali bomb 'mastermind' al-Farouq allowed to escape?

Double Agents - Militants Beware

The Grand-daddy of all Fake Terror Fall Guys: Guy Fawkes


Australia grabbing East Timor's oil


Mervyn Jenkins
CIA control of Australia? Collins, Toohey, Jenkins, control of oil

Military 'had role in' Bali blasts

Australian documentary quotes claims that the military is behind the terror.

Western journalists murdered by Indonesian military; key Balibo witness dies; UK and Australian cover-up

Bali 2002

Indonesia and Britain seem to be very similar when it comes to courts and judges.


Bombs; the police; protection


Hofker, Lestari....
A motive for the Bali Bombs of 2005? A return of the military's territorial function?

American and Javanese empires
Military factions and the Presidential Election in Indonesia
2004 elections in Indonesia


Links between 'Moslem militants' and the security services.

The real terrorists
Bali II: Another Elusive Terror Mastermind on the Loose

Display of body parts
KOPASSUS terror in Indonesia
In Indonesia, US companies subcontract terror to the military.


Bush, a gold swindle in Indonesia, and a 'dead' geologist who may still be alive.

Peaceful Islam And Nurcholish Madjid


Murder of human rights activist by the security services? Munir and Hendropriyono; the Bali Bomb and illegal logging.



Christian gangsters, the American-trained military and terror

Bombs Philippines Indonesia

Gold, Kissinger, the CIA and a warning of a massacre.

Nutmeg, Heroin, Oil

Moslem fascists - Husseini - Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco

Tommy Suharto

BAE and Suharto