Saturday, June 09, 2007

Divide and rule

Indonesia may rescind part of coal, metal concessions

Indonesian officers have been trained in Israel - China and Indonesia Warming Ties With Israel

Bali tourism struggling as reef declines

Indonesia threatened by global warming, rising sea levels

Indonesia's forests threatened by logging

How do the super-rich stay powerful and super-rich? They create problems, accidentally or deliberately, and then promise to solve these problems. They use a policy of divide and rule. They get people frightened of ethnic minorities and scroungers. "The Republicans managed to introduce a new dividing line, not between rich and poor, capital and labour; but between people in work and people on welfare, between whites and ethnic minorities, workers and scroungers." - France: Sarkozy’s old familiar song

"An isolated event by a fringe group of rogue Christians, or a sinister attempt to stir sectarian strife" - Dodging Sectarian Strife in Indonesia



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