Friday, August 10, 2007


"We occasionally have the ordinary preman come to our bars, and they always demand to see the manager. We normally tell them 'Maaf pak, the GM is not in, but however, the owner, who happens to be an army general, will come later in the evening.' The preman normally disappears within 1 minute. The police sometime look around the kitchen, but most likely because they are hungry. The meals we give them are booked as 'spoiled' or 'theft', but if the policeman is an officer we write it off as 'food tasting' in our books." - Bugils News

A powerful 7.5-magnitude earthquake that shook Indonesia's main island of Java early Thursday, including the capital Jakarta, could trigger activity at some of the island's many volcanoes, experts said.

Economic crisis

HUNDREDS of millions of dollars intended to educate impoverished children were stolen by former president Soeharto and should be repaid, according to an Indonesian Government lawsuit.

Jakarta's deputy governor Fauzi Bowo will take control of the city for the next five years, according to early results of the Indonesia's capital's first direct election. His opponent Adang Daradjatun, backed by the Islamic-orientated Prosperous Justice Party, performed more strongly than expected by winning 43 per cent of the vote in early estimates yesterday.

"She arrived together with 20 residents of her neighborhood at Fauzi Bowo's office today. According to her, before the voting it was promosied that if Fauzi won, the residents will be given from Rp150,000 to Rp200,000." (Source : Tempo)



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