Friday, November 25, 2011


Edhie and Siti. Does Edhie look Chinese?

Edhie Yudhoyono is the son of Indonesia's President Susilo Bangbang Yudhoyono.

Edhie has now married Siti Rajasa, daughter of cabinet minister Hatta Rajasa.

President Yudhoyono before he became a Suharto general. Does he look Chinese?

Hatta Rajasa’s National Mandate Party (PAN) is part of the coalition government.

Hatta hopes to become the next president, after elections in 2014.

Prabowo of the CIA?

One of the guests at Edhie's wedding was 'war criminal' Prabowo Subianto, who reportedly helped the CIA to topple President Suharto.

"The 2104 presidential election will likely see a duel between general-turned-businessman Prabowo Subianto and Golkar Party chairman and business tycoon Aburizal “Ical” Bakrie, according to political observers." (With no SBY or Mega, Prabowo to face Ical)

Bakrie is a business partner of Nat Rothschild.

The wedding.

Allegedly, the wedding cost Rp 40 billion ($4.4 million).

This is in a country where children die for want of a few rupiahs to pay for medicine.

Most Indonesians are friendly, moderate, and poor.

Indonesia’s unholy muddle

"In February 2011, three members of a peaceful Islamic movement, the Ahmadiyah, considered heretical by orthodox Muslims, were beaten and hacked to death in broad daylight by a frenzied mob in west Java.

"Their end was caught on film.

"Despite the extraordinary violence, in August the perpetrators were handed down only token prison sentences, ranging from three to five months.

"There was an outcry, but the sentences stood.

"The guilty are now all free, including one 17-year-old treated as a hero on his return home."