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The Act of Killing.

Certain CIA death squads murdered up to one million people.

Now they star in a film about this particular reign of terror.

The film is The Act of Killing, made by the British director Joshua Oppenheimer, with Werner Herzog as a producer.

Cia's killers escape justice, but feature on the silver screen

The CIA and its friends had a list of people to be dealt with.

The CIA's killers included gangsters, Moslem militias and members of the military.

Anwar Congo led a death squad.

Congo "continues to live openly, feted by figures in authority, and feared by the families of those they slaughtered."

Anwar Congo was a small-time thug.

Anwar Congo

The CIA organised a coup to topple the president, because he was too neutral.

"The role played by the CIA in organising the coup, with the help of the military and fundamentalist Muslims, was revealed soon afterwards."

The CIA bombed churches as part of its coup.

In 1997 The Independent "exposed the part played in the plot by the British government".

The UK government trained and armed Moslem extremists.

One UK diplomat wrote: "Men and women are being executed in very large numbers. Some are given a knife and invited to kill themselves. Most refuse and are told to turn around and are shot in the back."

Anwar Congo and his men describe themselves as "preman."

"Preman" are gangsters, and they are usually in league with the politicians, the police and the military.


Indonesian. By javajive

Of key importance to the USA is Indonesia, the fourth largest country in the world by population.

The USA toppled the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno, because he was seen as being too neutral.

The USA toppled the second president of Indonesia, Suharto, partly because he was not giving enough contracts to US companies.

The current president of Indonesia, Yudhoyono, has to be careful not to be too friendly towards China.

"Indonesia’s 17,000 islands contain some of the most strategically-significant waterways in the world, namely the straits of Malacca, Sunda, and Lombok. These straits see nearly half of the global merchant fleet pass through them every year, as well as a much of Northeast Asia’s energy supplies."

Indonesia "was seen as a strategic anti-communist bulwark duringthe Cold War, and as the world’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia has also emerged as a key regional ally in the global war on terror."

(US-Indonesian Relations: A Balancing Act - Analysis - Eurasia Review - Geopolitical Monitor - By Daniel Bodirsky - June 11, 2012)

The CIA and its friends have carried out acts of terrorism in Indonesia, in order to keep Indonesia under its control.

The CIA's Allen Pope during his trial in Jakarta, 28 December 1959. 

The CIA secretly bombed Christians in Indonesia, in order to topple President Sukarno.

On 15 May 1958, a CIA plane bombed the Ambon marketplace, killing a large number of civilians on their way to church on Ascension Thursday.

Three days later, during another bombing run over Ambon, a CIA pilot, Allen Lawrence Pope, was shot down and captured.

The Bali Bombings were allegedly carried out by the CIA and its friends, with the help of their assets within the Indonesian military and police.

aangirfan: BALI BOMB - inside job.

Obama's mother, who moved to Indonesia in 1967. Ann Dunham reportedly worked for a CIA front organisation.

"The South China Sea and surrounding areas contain an estimated 28 billion barrels of oil, making control of the tiny islands that dot the sea a strategic imperative for regional actors.

"China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei all have overlapping claims to the islands.

"China’s increased military presence is understandably making its neighbours nervous. It is this fear that is driving Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and the Philippines into the arms of the United States."

(US-Indonesian Relations: A Balancing Act - Analysis - Eurasia Review - Geopolitical Monitor - By Daniel Bodirsky - June 11, 2012)

Robert Gates, on a 2010 visit to Indonesia, during which he announced that the US would continue helping to train Kopassus, an elite special forces unit accused of kidnappings and assassinations. Defense Dept. photo by Cherie Cullen

Indonesia's business elite are mainly Chinese in origin.

They have not always been popular with ordinary Indonesians.


But, reportedly, "Most Indonesians hold favourable views of China (67%).

"There are also substantial trade links between the two powers (bilateral trade of $25.5 billion in 2009)"

"Indonesia’s short-term strategic interests are based on carefullybalancing its relationships with the United States and China.

Indonesian. By Franc Le Blanc .

"While its neighbours ratchet up anti-Chinese rhetoric over miniscule islands, Jakarta has chosen to follow a path of moderation.

"As an emerging middle-tier power, Indonesia cannot afford to sacrifice its deepening economic ties with China in favour of a stronger relationship with the U.S., as many of the other states in the region have already done.

"Thus, Indonesia will likely continue to pursue the middle-ground in conducting its relations in the near future."

(US-Indonesian Relations: A Balancing Act - Analysis - Eurasia Review - Geopolitical Monitor - By Daniel Bodirsky - June 11, 2012)


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